Some people are always winning football bets, then some never appear to win anything substantial no matter how often they bet. You can choose which side you want to fall in, right after reading this betting guide.

If you want to be known for being a sportsbook slayer, here are tips you should follow when betting.

Big Risk, Big Returns

This phrase often sounds like a reckless gambler affirmation, but it is also the statement of smart punters. They know that to win big they have to risk a lot. This can be done in two ways; betting small on teams with huge odds or betting big on teams with small but definite odds.

Before betting on such teams, you have to consider more than just your gut feeling. Risk betting requires a lot of analysis. Also, sharing of risky bet ideas is not encouraged since most other punters will discourage you from placing such stakes.

Single or Multiple Bets?

This is often a nagging question. The thing to always remember is that you are chasing big wins. If you go for risk bets, however, it is unlikely that all of them will come to fruition. Again, when you bet big, you don’t want to hinge your bet on so many teams. Always go for single bets or, if you have to accumulate bets, keep it to a maximum of three teams.

How Often Should You Bet?

If you are going for pro betting, you have to do it often. It is your work now. Inevitably, you will lose some of the bets you place. To recover this, you will need to bet often. This is, however, different from chasing losses. It would be best if you did your regular betting with the same betting pot that you had decided to use at the start of your betting spree.