Football betting has been around for a while now. Today, most betting activity is done online, with smartphones contributing the largest chunk of football bettors.

For most, it looks like things were always this way. That is not the case, however. In the years past, people had to line up at sportsbook outlets to bet on games. They again had to line up to collect winnings.

How the Digital Era Has Transformed Football Betting

Undoubtedly the last decade has seen a significant boom in the football betting industry. Today, bettors can place stakes in a betting house of their choice from the comfort of their homes. This is done through the internet, while some houses even allow players to bet through SMS.

An Expanded Market

The online betting scene has allowed football betting companies to reach more people than ever before. People are now able to bet on matches that are happening beyond their country’s and continent’s borders via the internet.

Still, on the issue of markets, digital transmission has speeded betting up and allowed people to bet on more occurrences. It is now easy to take part in live betting and predicts things that will happen as the game continues. Cashing out when a bet appears to be going wrong has also been made easy.

Virtual Leagues

Computer technology has also made it possible to have virtual leagues. The virtual games move much faster and are available at any hour of the day. This has given punters who love a casino experience the chance to have fun betting on football.

Legal Revolution

Online betting has made it possible to bet on football in places where it would have been legally impossible. Authorities in many regions find grey areas in their laws and are thus not able to stop the practice. Also, controlling a company without a physical presence is quite challenging.