The good thing about football is that there are always games available to bet on. From major leagues such as the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, to small competitions in far-flung areas, there is always some action.

That said, a punter has to be skilful to pick the games with the best returns to bet on. Here is how to go about it.

Look Out for Tournaments

At the end of every league season, there come up various tournaments across the world. These include the Euros, the Africa Cup of Nations, Copa America and others. These are great games to bet on since they are full of surprises. Since these teams don’t play each other all the time, even bookmakers have a hard time allocating them odds.

This means that punters can easily reap the rewards from a supposedly small team becoming a giant. In the 2018 World Cup, for instance, Croatia went all the way to the finals despite not being among the favourites.

Giant Killers

In each league, there is a team that is often a giant killer. In the EPL, for instance, Wolverhampton Wanderers are always likely to upset big clubs such as Manchester United. Leicester City made a miraculous title run a few years ago and is again making a strong chase this season. Identifying such teams early in the season can place a punter in a great position to win often.

Dominant Teams

There are always teams that are on a long, good run of form. A team such as Liverpool have not lost a match in the league this season and appear to be coasting to victory. Manchester City, Juventus, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and PSG have also had similar runs in their specific countries in the recent past. Although such teams usually have small odds, a punter who analyses them well can combine bets to have a great harvest.