Strange Days Interview

A while back Louis did an interview for Strange Days Magazine in Japan. It finally surfaced, here it is:

Jouis – Dojo interview
Interview and text: Michael Bjorn

With debut album “Dojo”, Brighton 5-piece Jouis delivered one of the most outstanding progressive rock albums of 2014. Recorded directly to tape in the band’s own dojo – an abandoned office block converted to studio – the sound is uniquely organic and relaxed despite an abundance of complex time signatures and spaced out lyrics. The music combines poppy jazz tones from Canterbury with harmonised Crosby, Stills & Nash vocals into a remarkably groovy whole. This is one of those rare prog rock albums that makes you want to dance the night away. Jouis is French for enjoyment and their music is certainly something to enjoy.
In order to find out more about Jouis, we got in touch with Louis Pavlo who is vocalist and keyboardist with the band.

  • 12.03.16
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Brighton’s Finest Live Review

A review from our show in Brighton on our UK and EU tour – Read Full Review

‘The intelligent structuring of their songs may have been the most refreshing aspect of their gig: many songs were clearly designed to move from the abstract into the destructive, showing off plenty of instrumental imagination along the way. Jouis played with skill, style, and with an underlying wildness that hinted at some untamed aspect to their music. Their nods to the traditions of psychedelia were many and obvious, but at no point did they feel old or reproductive’

  • 13.02.16

  • 06.01.16
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Metropolist caught up with Joe Woodham (bass, vocals) and Louis Pavlo (keyboards, vocals) to discuss their debut and the diverse inspirations that make up their music – Link

  • 29.11.15

The Argus On The Radar Interview

We answer some questions for On The Radar –

On The Radar #77 Jouis

PSYCHEDELIC rockers Jouis came together seven years ago as Jouis And The Chic Geeks. Tomorrow sees them headline the regular city new music showcase Spectrum.

  • 18.07.15
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Universumnoll Album Review

Here’s a review from Swedish site Universumnoll (Roughly translated!):

‘As well jouis’ debut CD “Dojo” (self-publishing) which also had a bumpy road here, it was “lost” in the post for more than two months before it finally arrived with his revealing postmark. It meets my two favorite-V’s “well played” and “varied”. Harmonies, very guitar, a mixture of prog-looking shapes and a lot of jazz influences, like that nice timeless as part of the newly released Prog. 1972 is long gone but the DNA is there. Five are from Brighton, imagine a meeting between Moon Safari and Gosta Berling’s Saga but with a jazzy drummer. Type’

  • 05.01.15

  • 04.12.14