Time travelling inside the eye of your mind Space between worlds collapses and rewinds Life as we know, long been and gone Future’s left behind now pastures yet to come We are of the sun What will we become?

You wanted to believe We’d never leave the ground Forever edging closer to the sound A sight beyond Medievil minds Light of home glows dim behind the line You are of the sun

We’ll leave only forwards The end will be where we begin Collapse/rewind through a lifetime Don’t look back now breath it in

Sinking Statues

Weeping willow. Dusk turns into dawn. Everything in sight creeps into one.
Find your feet as you leap over Sinking statues. A world unknown.
Heels catch leaves. As we go beyond. All to see the light before its gone.

Wiltons Green

All the flowers in my kitchen talk to me about the friction grown deep below
Meat eaters on the run as them cowboys pickle guns now there's space for weeds

All you need
There's something
In the air
I saw a cloud cry
There's nothing
In your food
But mood swings


Always on time borrowed from birth through life. This morning sun beats a greeting from a fleeting dream.

To young to die.
To old to fear the light.
When evenings done breach the reaches of this mortal shell

Fall at the first hurdle slow like a turtle not of this world.
Rise run from these shores from the lizard scorn hatchlings reborn

emit no syawlA
raef ot dlo oT
nus gninrom shiT
sehcaer eht hcaerB

Cloud Plough

Cutting through clouds like a snow plough
Being among the crowd
Being at one with what feels right
Hold tightly
Onto the edge of your wingspan
Knowing your grip will one day surely slip
Then i'll find you falling through
The wind to my door i am sure
You can stay

An age will pass
By us faster than we think possible

Acting on impulse and instinct
Feeling the weight of it
Feeling the need for some freedom
Ask when you know what the question is
Answers will come

An age will pass
By us faster than we know possible

Cutting through the clouds again I
Knew you
As we walk this path once again I
Know you


Not today
Tomorrow I might
Rise in a state of repair
Body bows in the light
A day behind
I’m a day behind
As a pine tree whines in the breeze
Before the storm
I pour a wave in a glass
Silence forms


White winter nights
The cold stone
Frozen through to the bone
On the edge of worlds
Born on the wind
We fly
Up to stars we collide
To thaw in the light