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Joe Woodham answered some questions for First Impressions music, check out the interview Here

My name is Joe Woodham, i play bass in Jouis. A Brighton based psychedelic/prog/folk/jazz band. I also write and record some of my own songs.
Jouis have been together for 8 years, released 2 EPs, a single and our debut album Dojo.
We’ve toured the UK several times aswell as gigs in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain.

What was the first album you ever bought?
– Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water by Limp Bizkit… yep….. well i had to get my mum to buy it due to the Explicit Content sticker!

What was the first live concert that you attended?
– When i was 13 i managed to sneak into the Margate Lido to watch a gig, i didnt know any of the bands, but they had proper equipment and the venue was dark with sticky floors – i was very intreaged. A couple of years later i went to see Bob Dylan in Manchester, that was my first big concert.. i was quite bewildered by the hugeness of the MEN Arena and how small Dylan seemed on stage.. he played to the side of the stage on organ for the whole show and didnt talk to the audience at all, but it was great nonetheless.

What song/album means the most to you and why?
– Tough call, but i would have to say either Dark Side of the Moon or John Martyn’s Solid Air. Both albums have been a huge inspiration to my musical endeavors and my further musical discovery. Solid Air opened up the whole Island library to me.. from Fairport Convention to Linton Kwesi Johnson. Dark Side on the other hand was the first album i ever got completely immersed in. I remember bunking of school to go and listen to it in the dark. Great times.

If you could go back in time and attend any music event/concert what would it be and why?
– Too many great moments to choose from – Dylan going electric, Hendrix at Woodstock, Beatles Rooftop concert, but these are all on youtube. A trip to Fela Kuti’s club Afrika Shrine would be awesome, or to Birdland in the 30s/40s for some crazy be-bop. But if i could actually go back in time i would go and find some neolithic proggers and introduce them to the Moog.

How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard any of your work?
– Jouis’ sound is a mix of prog-rock with folk and jazz. Live we have lots of extended jam sections and in the studio we try and make the record go on a journey. We are a 5 piece with 2 guitars, keys, bass, drums and 5 part vocal harmony. My own music is a bit more folky, acoustic guitar and voice. Somewhere between Dylan/Woody Guthrie and Nick Drake/John Martyn. But with more hours spent on wierd trippy noise for the recordings.

What’s next for you/band?
– Jouis are currently taking a little break to regather minds and ideas for our second album. Im taking this time to gig more by myself and will be recording a new album of my own tunes soon.

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