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Uncut Album Review

We got a great 8/10 review from Wyndham Wallace at Uncut magazine!

Uncut - album review

“Masterly ’70s-styled psych-folk-rock from Brighton quintet
The Scent of incense and musty odour of Afghan coats may hang heavy over Jouis’ debut, but – high praise indeed – it only confirms a notable immersion in records like David Crosby’s If Only I Could Remember My Name. That they’re former music students is no surprise: their musical proficiency, time changes and multi-layered harmonies are intricate and considered. But legendary producer Phill Brown brings experience of sessions with Traffic, ensuring the credibility of lengthy jams like ‘Hyperception’ – with its “kaleidoscopic psychotropic” chant – and the autumnal grooves of “L∞p”, which slides effortlessly into the archly titles “What’s New Guru?”. – Wyndham Wallace”