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The Argus On The Radar Interview

We answer some questions for On The Radar –

On The Radar #77 Jouis

PSYCHEDELIC rockers Jouis came together seven years ago as Jouis And The Chic Geeks. Tomorrow sees them headline the regular city new music showcase Spectrum.

UberRock Album Review

‘Dojo’ is the debut album from Brighton-based 5 piece Jouis. It’s both gentle and gently uplifting, blending, as it does, progressive rock, jazz and psychedelia.

Universumnoll Album Review

Here’s a review from Swedish site Universumnoll (Roughly translated!):

‘As well jouis’ debut CD “Dojo” (self-publishing) which also had a bumpy road here, it was “lost” in the post for more than two months before it finally arrived with his revealing postmark. It meets my two favorite-V’s “well played” and “varied”. Harmonies, very guitar, a mixture of prog-looking shapes and a lot of jazz influences, like that nice timeless as part of the newly released Prog. 1972 is long gone but the DNA is there. Five are from Brighton, imagine a meeting between Moon Safari and Gosta Berling’s Saga but with a jazzy drummer. Type’

Dutch Site DRDP Reviews Dojo…

“Jouis have totally succeeded in creating an album where jazz rhythms, psychedelic musings and musical space and harmony coexist to present a wonderfully uplifting kaleidoscopic tapestry of sounds. I look forward to discovering which direction this highly talented young band takes in their next release”

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The Active Listener

Nathan Ford from the Active Listener reviews Dojo – Link

‘This Brighton based quintet’s debut sounds extremely well lived in. In June 2013 they set to work building their own studio by converting, and acoustically treating two rooms in an abandoned office block. As a result their debut “Dojo” has the relaxed sound of an album made in an unhurried fashion, in an environment where the band are completely at ease to explore any possible directions that their songs could go in, without time constraints or record company executives breathing down their collective necks.

Gigwise Premiere Misty Maker Stomp

“The track is beautifully hazey journey through dream-rock, prog and electronica, like Amnesiac-era Radiohead meets early Pink Floyd but with a pop-led futuristic vision. It’s wonderful, and it is accompanied by a fittingly mind-bending psychedelic trip of a video”

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Prog Magazine Album Review

A great review from Prog Magazine! Thanks guys!

Prog - album review

“The Brighton five-piece’s consciousness-raising debut.

Taking their name from ‘jouissance’, the French word for ‘high enjoyment’, Jouis are five graduates from Brighton’s Institute Of Modern Music and their music ebbs and flows between jazz, folk, psychedelia and prog. “Their sounds,” we’re told, “are designed to open your mind and spirit you away to new lucid dimensions.” There’s a lazy, jazzy ambience throughout, even when the lyrics hint at the perils of consumerism (Hyperception) or eco decay (Misty Maker Stompy). With 2 EPs and a seven inch single under their belts, the festival favourites enlistewd the help of producer Phill Brown (Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin) to record their debut album live to tape. Opener All That Is And Is One sets the gently trippy tone, all liquid guitar and sun-dappled shimmer, switching halway to a more urgent jazz-rock surge with shades of Santana. There are portents of doom amid the hippie, beatific mood on Rain, but it’s the music, not the lyrics, that triumph. Prog fans will especially enjoy the keyboard arpeggio-fest on Universe Goggles. ‘Comfortably drifting along with the tide.’ they swoon on Misty Maker Stomp. That’s the album’s vibe conured up right there. PL